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Export (Phytosanitary Certification)

If you ship any plant or plant products out of Kentucky, internationally or domestically, you may need a phytosanitary (phyto) certificate.

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Our office is not directly involved with importing into the United States.  You must ultimately go through Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  Depending on the commodity you would like to import, we do have some information that can offer guidance in this process.

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USDA ePermits

Permits are required for the importation, transit, domestic movement and environmental release of Organisms that impact plants, and the importation and transit of Plants and Plant Products under authority of the Plant Protection and Honeybee Acts.

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Moving from Kentucky?

Do you want to take your house plants with you?  If you are moving to another state from Kentucky and you want to take your house plants with you; you may need to get an inspection done on those plants!

Contacting the regulatory agency in the state you are moving to can help you verify if this is necessary. You can find that state's contact information at the National Plant Board website.

If you need an inspection, you will need to submit an inspection application and contact our office.

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