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Please read carefully, even if the business is not a "nursery", a license may still be needed.

Remember, when in doubt, it's best to ask!

Am I involved in any of the following areas listed? If so, do I need a license?

  • Annuals/bedding plants only: No
  • Cut flowers: No
  • Daylilies: Yes
  • Flea market sales: Yes
  • Garden center: Yes
  • Houseplants only: No
  • Landscape/landscape contractor, even if no plants are kept on premises: Yes
  • Lawn maintenance (hedge trimming, mowing, etc, no planting of material): No
  • Mulch providers: No
  • Online plant sales (regardless of plant type) either through a personal business website or Esty, eBay etc. : Yes

  • Perennials only: Yes
  • Production nursery: Yes
  • Roses only: Yes
  • Sod producers: Yes
  • Vegetable production only: No