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As the United States continues to expand its export markets around the world and increase the variety of agricultural commodities it imports, the U.S. has a greater chance to bringing in unwanted pests.  Moving firewood and other regulated articles are a major way that unwanted pests find travel.  Also know that moving firewood and other regulated articles from quarantined areas is prohibited!

If you suspect you have found a non-native pest, please contact your county cooperative extension agent for verification.

Since they are located in the county where you live, they will be the quickest to help you with the identification process.

Living In Kentucky

If you suspect you have found a non-native pest in Kentucky:

Contact your County Agent

Living Outside of Kentucky

In you live Outside of Kentucky just search for your state's cooperative extension service; search "[STATE] cooperative extension service".


Find My Extension Office

Become a Citizen Scientist!

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We have known for years that it is you, the public, that are usually the first to find unwanted pests.  Your involvement is vital in our survey work!

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