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Two weeks ago China GACC provided USDA with an excel spreadsheet of 718 Notices of Non Compliance for mostly softwood shipments and a few hardwood shipments.  Due to this high number China has changed their regulations, but USDA has not been provided notice of when the changes will be implemented.   Until then, it is status quo. 

Our office has tried to contact all in our list that we work with.  But also, the Global Forestry Products Manager at Phytosanitary Issues Management, Tyrone Jones will be contacting the State Forestry Associations this week to get contacts for each States’ log yards that export to China.  

Below are a few of the primary changes known so far.

  • Softwood logs from the entire USA must now enter only through specific ports in China.
  • Shipments entering an unapproved port will be refused entry and not allowed to offload.
  • Power tools can no longer be used for Pine Wood Nematode (PWN) sampling. 
  • All Compliance Agreements for PWN sampling will be cancelled per PIM Staff.
  • Shipments found to be infested with PWN will be either refused entry, re-exported  or destroyed at the importer’s election.
  • Softwood shipments from SC and VA are still banned.

Please contact your ACO/Inspector for more details!  We can help you.